Grade 10 students of 2015:
Here is the essay rubric for this unit:

Make a face Activity:
Here is the guidebook to find out the phenotype for ´your´ baby.

Below you will find the research on contraception and STD´s to be carried out by the class:
Apologies as, for some reason, students were obtaining older versions of the webquests when downloading them (though apparently if you downloaded twice you got the newer version.... regardless, the problem has been corrected).

REMEMBER.. for the contraceptive webquest the aim is for your group to design a brochure (pamphlet about the contraceptive device). The STD workshop needs you to individually research your given STD.

Our next assignment will be the one world essay that has a rather interesting topic. In 2004 a mouse was created in Japan that had no biological father. She did have two mothers however...
Here is one (of many) articles about her story...

Below is a link to a video of Kaguya:

One step beyond.... Kaguya

The rubric for the essay is provided below:

In 2010 another process resulted in the ability of two male mice to father both male and female children...

Here is a diagram of the process used:


These are not the only new frontiers that have been recently explored... cloning has been the dream of science fiction ofr many years and it has been achieved (in animals at least). Have a look at these websites to gain an understanding of the process:

Cloning Fact sheet

What is cloning?

Research and find other examples of new reproductive technologies.

Could we ever consider artificial life a reality?

Here is a shorter video about the process involved in creating the synthetic cell: