We begin this period by looking at the process of reproduction. There are two general forms... asexual and sexual.

The varieties of asexual reproduction are shown below:

The benefits of asexual are discussed in the following video ( be aware that bacteria reproduce by Binary FISSION and not fusion as stated in the video). The benefits of sexual reproduction will be discussed as part of the introductory lesson.

We begin by looking at the reproductive processes of flowering plants. A basic, introductory powerpoint is provided below:

The full life history of a flowering pant can be viewed in this time lapse animation:

Life cycle of flowering plant

and again in these animations:

Life cycle of an angiosperm

Narrated life cycle

Methods of pollination are shown here:

Here is a (slightly complicated) animation concerning the fertilisation process that occurs within flowering plants:

Double fertilisation in plants

Once pollination has been completed, the next step is to disperse the seeds: