The eye is the sense organ that we have evolved to depend upon most. It´s structure is revealed below.


The Human Eye Video

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The Eye Powerpoint and notesThe Eye Powerpoint and Notes

In this video you will discover the proper structure and functions of the eye and its components.

This next video by the manufacturers of contact lens solution provides an equally impressive, but more artistic view of the eye.

The link below will provide simple but extremely useful animations of how the eye receives images, how accomodation works, how the pupils respond to light and even how the action potential is generated by light.

Eye functions animation

The way the iris in our eye adjusts the size of the pupil in response to bright or dim light is controlled by a reflex arc.
when exposed to bright light:
  • The radial muscles of the iris relax.
  • The circular muscles of the iris contract.
  • Therefore less light enters the eye through the contracted pupil.
But in dim light:
  • The radial muscles of the iris contract.
  • The circular muscles of the iris relax.
  • This allows more light to enter the eye through the dilated pupil.

The dissection of an eye is covered in the following video.

Eye dissection video 1

Eye dissection link

The process is explained in the worksheet below.